ID611 - Equipment Change Audit Overview & Sample:

This alert will provide you a daily report of all new Equipment Records created (showing all critical fields), and also advise you when a change is made to one of those critical fields on an existing Equipment Record. We suggest you have someone quickly review this report daily, not necessarily analyzing every change but making sure that the wrong people aren't creating or changing data or that wholesale changes haven't been made without informing the right people. If you need detail to confirm that someone knows what they are doing, it's right there for you. These alerts also provide an audit log of changes, something that eAutomate does not provide.

Enter 'All' or 'ContractLease in VariableW to report on all active equipment OR only report active equipment on active contract or lease. Note that the alert reports Updater on a changed record but this is not always useful data.


**-We are not able to provide you historical data on changes to records from prior to day we install our alert because eAuto does not store this information from which we can pull from. Once we install the alert, then we start building our own comparison table to be able to report back to you from.




The alert reports on changes to the following fields:

EquipmentID, EquipmentNumber, Item, SerialNumber, CustomerNumber, BillToCustomerNumber, BillCode, ResponseTime, LocationCustomerNumber, Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Location, OfficeOpen, OfficeClose, InstallDate, Contact, ContactPhone, ContactFax, DecisionMaker, DecisionMakerPhone, DecisionMakerFax, Territory, Technician, WarrantyDate, WarrantyMeter, PMUseMeter, PMUseDate, Status, Condition, Active, Branch, Hosting, Attached, LeaseNumber, Model, IsMetered, RequireMeteronServiceCalls, EquipmentMeters, EinfoEnabled, Priority, PriorityWeight, UseModelCBCAParams, CBNoDays, CANoDays, CANoCalls, EquipmentContactNumber, DecisionContactNumber, AllowAutoMeterRequests, UseContractOverageCycle, MeterReadingCycle, TimeZoneCode, WarrantyEndMeter, ExpireByUsage, ExpireWarrantyIsDefault, MeterContactNumber


Please also note, we are limited to reporting last updator based on how eAuto stores this information. Please see THIS LINK for those specifications.

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