ID350 - Supply Entry Check Overview & Sample:

App for your Order Entry Staff to identify potential toner abusers

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Our alert ID315 tells you when a toner order has been placed and the customer is using too much toner. A downside to it is that the order is entered and the customer is no longer on the phone before you get notified. This is an App your supply entry people would keep open. Enter the equipment ID or customer name or number. It gives similar data to our existing alerts except you have it while you are still talking to the customer. 

We show order history, open orders, clicks billed versus shipped, other equipment on that contract that takes the same toner, contract profit %, equipment missing meters for billing, volume percentile (what volume is the equipment running compared to similar models in your database).

**The app relies heavily on your toner Item Records for meter type (BLK vs. CLR) identification and yield settings. Be sure to use your subscription of ID316 to find that missing info**

REQUIREMENT: In order for app to properly report on fulfilled orders, it requires sales orders NOT be fulfilled before shipping the order (best practice), please see THIS LINK for those steps.


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Accessing App

Accessing App

. Access via URL: http://<webserver>:8888

(replace <webserver> with the name of the server where the ceojuice software is installed, the Juice box). Email us at if you do not know the name.

2. For ECi hosted clients, please see THIS LINK on accessing your apps.


4. Login using your credentials. Missing needed permissions? Please use THIS LINK on how to set access.

5. Select supply-entry-check



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App Functionality

App Functionality

1. Search Bar

Can search by Equipment ID OR Customer Number AND can indicate if you only want to review Toners Only (based on your ID315/Excessive Toner Alerts) or see ALL transactions shipped:




2. Account Summary (We highlight problems in red)

*Please note: Meter information is pulled from e-automate. The target monthly volume is pulled from the Meter Type Info under 'target'. We see most clients using this when monitoring usage in production environments.


Contract Details:

Missing Meters Detail:

This indicates the device does NOT have a current meter available that falls within the meter tolerance you have set in e-automate (under Tools/Options/Contracts/Meters & Overages Options):



3. Yield Summary

This info is taken from our ID315 logic and is based on billed meters. It gives the user a summarized view of yield performance for the contracts, grouping equipment by model types. When searching by Equipment number, you’ll notice the rows in the grid for that Equipment highlighted and they are sorted to the top.

Total Copies (BW and Color) - Estimated total meter (over lifetime of the contract) of all equipment eligible for this toner

Please note:

It is important you know whether you have set this alert up based on Contract, Location, Customer or Bill T,o as this is how alert will consider meter info.

When triggering on BW this is a count of all BW and CLR clicks, but when triggering for CLR it is only a count of color clicks.

Copies Shipped - The number of toners of that type (BLK or CLR) multiplied by Item Record Yield. If your subscription to ID315 is set to account for spare toners on shelf (VariableZ=1), then copies shipped will have one less for each toner type

Actual Yield – Formula uses the Total Copies divided by Total Toner

BW Actual = (Total BW copies + Total Color copies)/Total BW toners because black toner is used on BW and color pages

Color Actual = (Total Color copies/Total Color toners) * 3 because each color toner counts as a third as the device uses three color toner cartridges to produce one color click


**Please note, any Toner Item Records set with Total for the Usage Limit Meter Type (not BLK Meter Usage Type or CLR Usage Type), then our alert considers this toner as BLK toner**




4. Supply Orders


**If you aren't using FMAudit, the app will still work - the two FMAudit grids below just not show any data. (FYI unfortunately if you do not host FM Audit locally there is no way for us to link this app to FMAudit. We have no way to access hosted FMA data and the API offered is too antiquated for us to make use of. We suggest that clients contact FMA and ask them when the API will be updated to so that we and other vendors can make use of it.)

5. Supply Levels (FMAudit)

**Highlighted area below shows % level of each cartridge per FM Audit:**


6. Toner Events (fmaudit)

These are all the logged events inside fmaudit every time a toner cartridge is changed or removed/replaced.


7. Contract Toner Usage

Last BW and Color Meters shown here are the last 'valid' meter entered in eAuto:

 **The "Like Group" and "Like Toner" are pulling from your ID315 subscription

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Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

-Be sure your Item Records are populated with BOTH yield and Usage Limit Meter Type. Your alert ID316 is a great resource sent Monday's AM showing designated Supply Item Records missing this info:





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Related Alerts

Related Alerts

ID315 - Excessive Toner Alert

ID316 - Supply Items Missing Yield and/or ULMTs

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