ID944 - Call Center Metrics Overview & Sample

Our Technician Activity report (ID204) and our snapshot version (ID37) are both focused on the conventional copier/printer market. As dealers get more in to Managed Services the metrics we need to measure change. Calls get responded to online, a tech may work multiple tickets at the same time, response time is typically just a minute or two at most and the number of touches becomes more important.

We are also seeing dealers have level 1 support manage all incoming calls
, troubleshoot MIT calls, take supply orders etc.

This report will help analyze activity and results of calls coming into call center (#of supply orders created,  service calls created, tickets resolved by level 1, tickets escalated to field, ratio MFP calls vs MIT calls vs. Supply calls.


ALL SSRS Reports (accessed via your SSRS Report URL (feel free to email for your company link) require one time security set up to run the report, see THIS LINK for instructions.

Enter your Repair & Activity Codes in Variables on alert subscription to set default for SSRS Report filter.


Report filters driven by Repair and Activity Codes to identify specific internal support desk activity:


Repair and Activity Codes set up in eAuto under Tools / Lists & Codes:

Shown here is just an example, the filter settings in report will auto populate all of your Repair & Activity Codes.


Call Center Stats based on from/to date on your report filter:

Graphs shown broken down by Imaging & Other - this is based on your Model Mapping (ID295). If you're not using this mapping app (we highly recommend you do), the defaults shown will be Imaging & Other.



Details at tech level with drill down:


Second page provides graph showing 30 days trend by week:


And By Tech Activities for Today by Activity Code:



ID944 separates the calls into two major call categories currently:

Imaging and Managed IT

We determine the appropriate call category based upon the Model Class mapped (via ID295) to the equipment model on the service call.

Imaging call types are all equipment model segments mapped to the following CEOJuice model classes:

'Printer', 'Printer-A3', 'Printer-A4', 'Printer-Oth'

'Analog', 'DIGBW', 'DIGColor', 'BusinessColor', 'MFP', 'MFP-A3', 'MFP-A4'

'Production', 'Mailing', 'WideFormat', 'FAX'

Managed IT calltypes are equipment model segments mapped to the following CEOJuice model classes:

'ITAsset', 'ITCloud'

Other call types would be all other calls where the call equipment model is not associated to one of the above CEOJuice model classes in the model mapping.

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