ID176 - Call Opened/Closed alert on New Equipment within X days of install Overview & Sample

The experience of your customers within the first few days is critical to setting the tone of the relationship for the next year or so. A service call on brand new equipment is not good but often it's not that there was a service call, but how quickly did you respond and what actions you take to make it right. This alert notifies when a new call is opened within X days of install. When the call is closed, we notify again.

**Note that this alert only triggers on Corrective Maintenance (CM) and Preventative Maintenance (PM) calls, the idea being that you don't want to know about follow-up install or network service calls but just want to be advised if the equipment breaks. Note that ToRep in this case sends to the last rep to sell the equipment in question, the alert does not look to Customer or Contract Record settings as it looks at the SalesOrder for SalesRep assigned.

Default schedule is to run every 10-minutes.

Variable Options:

VariableW - # of Days from Install (defaults to 30)




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