ID193 - All Calls On Hold > W Business Hours Overview & Sample:

This alert triggers for all Service Calls on hold greater than Variable W hours (Business Hours). This alert is a variation of ID129 All On Hold Sales Orders and Service Calls, but only triggers on service calls. There is also an option to set an upper limit on the number of hours on hold with variable Y, so that you could set the alert to see calls on hold longer than W hours, but not longer than Y hours.
The default schedule for this alert is daily.
If set to send ToTech and TechMgr then will send one email per tech to everyone (to/cc/bcc). If set to just send ToTechMgr, then it will send one report per manager to everyone (to/cc/bcc).
Variable W - OnHold > W Business Hours: Number of business hours for call to be on hold to trigger. Default value is 4.
Variable X - CallTypes to monitor: List of call types to monitor, if left blank, the alert will monitor all call types. Default value is blank.
Variable Y - OnHold < Y Business Hours: Upper limit of business hours on hold. Leave blank for no upper limit. Default value is 40.
Variable Z - CallPriorities to Monitor: Call Priorities to monitor, separated by a comma. Leave blank for trigger for all Call Priorities. Default value is blank.
Variable 1 - Custom Property for Field Techs: To send to all techs, ZCJFieldTech required on eAuto Employee record. 
Alert Sample:
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ID129 - All sales orders/service calls on hold by type greater than W business hours: This alert triggers for both sales orders and service calls on hold. More details on this alert here.
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