ID672 - Duplicate Meter Read Entered by Tech, Overview and Sample

Ever had a tech forget to enter a meter reading?  Or the reading didn't fall in line and the system wouldn't let you enter it without forcing it?  Lots of dealerships do not let their techs force a meter, so the tech has no option but to enter the last one in the system.  This practice skews a lot of reports and doesn't give the tech credit for the copies produced between calls.  See this post for Best Practice for Entering Missing Meters on Service Calls.

Now, how do you find those meters?  Well, that is what ID672 is here to identify. So, if you have a practice where techs do not Force meter reads when the previous read was too high, but instead enters the same meter read again and allows Contract Management personnel to sort out the issue, this alert will advise whenever a tech enters a meter read that exactly matches the previous reading so that it can be investigated. 

Sample output is shown below: 




This alert will provide you with the Customer, Equipment Number, and Service call number that needs an updated reading.  It also reports the incorrect meter reading.


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