ID258 - QBR - Current Equipment Details (Worksheet3)

This worksheet is intended to provide detailed equipment information for sales to identify usage and age of equipment.

Quick Link to Data Explanations:

Location NotesAMV BW CLR  | Last BW CLR Meter | Target BW CLR Volume | Actual BW CLR Volume | Actual Age | Virtual Age | Contract Toner Usage | eAuto Settings


Current Equipment Details:

All active current equipment listed showing equipment details including location, average volume, meter readings and age:


1. Location Notes

per Location Remarks field on Equipment Record in eAuto (see below for where set in eAuto)

2. AMVBW / AMVColor

Average billed volume across reporting period based on WEIGHTED clicks billed. This is NOT necessarily actual clicks billed.  eAuto calculates a device's weighted portion of clicks based on contract copy allowance for the meter type (i.e. BW/CLR). 

For example, if the meter group for the contract has 10,000 covered copies, but the total billed clicks are UNDER that, the logic will proportionality distribute usage for each device in the meter group. The base allowance is apportioned based on how many clicks each machine in the group used. 

FOR METERS TO SHOW AS BW OR COLOR, Meter Types MUST be defined per Meter Category in eAuto:


3. # Service Calls

ALL service calls types for period filter of your report

4. Last BW / Color Meter

Last BILLED meter in the reporting period

5. Target BW / Color Monthly Volume

Target monthly volume can be set in eAuto under Model / Meter Types. If nothing set there, then report uses average volume based on your fleet of that model under contract in eAuto. (see below for where set in eAuto).

6. Actual BW / Color Monthly Volume

Average Monthly Volume as visible inside eAuto. (Report populates with eAuto 12-month average, if nothing, then 6-month, if nothing, then 3-month, if nothing then from install) 



7. Actual Age Years

Actual age of equipment based on install date. If no installed date on Equipment Record, then assume first date of service call or first date of item consumption (toner, parts) is install date

  Virtual Age Years

Virtual Age is the age-in-clicks per the Target volume (on Model Record) if set, or else the average-across-fleet for that model-on-contract. So for instance if the target is 500/month and it's got 20,000 BW clicks on it then it's 3.33 years old virtually, never mind that it's only been onsite for three months. Formula in example is 20,000 (total clicks produced since install) / 6,000 clicks per year (500/month).

**Shown in green / yellow / red to highlight if on target or not**

Green = under actual age, Red = higher than actual age, Yellow = exact match to actual (usually only happens when we have a zero value for some reason, non-metered equipment for instance)


Contract Toner Usage:

Shows by Contract Number


Shows the Black and Color % fill for the contract as per our other toner alerts (ID315/ID758/ID350) with fill% and toners shipped. This is a weighted average for all toners / copies on that contract regardless of toner type. Requires ID315 subscription set at Contract Level (any other level will leave this area on QBR blank).

 (Green = over 80%, Red = under 20%, Yellow = somewhere in between)

Rather than showing the actual profit on the contract we color code it. The highlight color (above shown in green and yellow) will be red/green/yellow depending on your Gross Margin % filter settings.

The Gross Margin (GM) is based on the last rolling calendar year. Will be highlighted in red if your GM% is at or below your 'Red GM %' filter settings and will be green if your GM% is at or above the 'Green GM %' filter setting. If the GM% is in between both, then the highlight color will be yellow. 

 * * *

eAuto Settings:

Location Remarks set here in eAuto:


Target BW / Color Monthly Volume set here in eAuto:



FOR METERS TO SHOW AS BW OR COLOR, Meter Types MUST be defined per Meter Category in eAuto:


* * *

Use these links for detailed explanation and formulas used for each of the worksheets provided:

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Lease Details (Worksheet7) | Service Details (Worksheet8) | Survey Responses (Worksheet9)


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