How to Plan the merge of two Companies into EA and keep the CEOJuice alerts

We have had many clients go through the process where, two EA databases merge into one DB, and are broken out within that one EA by using eAutomates Branch Functionality. It may be two existing CEO Juice clients, who have been managing their own subscriptions separately, merge into one DataBase. Or of the two companies merging, only one is a CEOJuice client, and you may want to limit certain alerts going to that specific branch. 

Either way, the alerts would only be managed in the subscriptions under one company, after the merge. Depending on how you will be handling the change over of alerts, will depend on the amount of planning needed.

First, provide CEO Juice with an ETA for the merge ASAP, best if we can have at least 4 weeks notice to plan accordingly.

Decisions to be made:

1. Will the Sub Company that is merging into the Main Company,  automatically inherit the current CEOJuice alerts that the Main Company has active? After the merge you may add additional alerts as people request.

If yes, you will want to consider setting up Branch Job Roles in the subscriptions (see below. under 'ways to tweak alerts...'). Using branch roles is a way to limit and only send branch specific information i.e a contracts manager receives contract data for their branch only.


2. Will the sub company keep their existing alerts, regardless if the Main company has the process turned on or not? 

If this is how you want to proceed, ask CEO Juice to provide a comparison list of alerts in excel, it will report the alert #s company A has active, company B has active, and the alerts that are active for both.

Ways to tweak alerts, limit and restrict certain data to branches:

Many alerts will have one of the following options. Sometimes it's not possible to have this, for example item related alerts are not branch specific, neither are contact record related alerts. If you see an alert with no option, ask CEO Juice if one of the below can be added.

1. Branch Job Roles, additional options to send alerts to. Requires you to set up in eAutomate contact records specific employees per branch, see more info on this set up hereScreen_Shot_2019-02-18_at_3.44.06_PM.png

2. Branch # Variable option, in the subscription set the alert to trigger on specific branch numbers only


3. Alerts designed to be sent to your customers, can all be tweaked per branch, a different logo/Phone #/Cover email etc. For example, ID109 the service call survey will send for Branch #1, and a 'cloned' version ID524 would be set up to send a survey for Branch #2. Ask CEO Juice for help with identifying your alerts that go out to your customers, and what alerts would be used for the additional branch/s, and we will work with you to get them set up, tested and switched live again.

Other things to keep in mind:

1. We highly recommend reviewing the alert subscriptions of each company, and verify with end users that the alerts currently activated are used and need to be brought over and/or retained after the merge.

2. Make sure the new company EA database has all the technicians, sales reps, EA Users set up with an employee record. 

Click this link for technician employee record set up

Click this link for sales rep employee record setup 

Click this link for EA User employee record set up

3. Once live, you will need to set up any additional login users to the CEOJuice website, as needed. Anyone who had a login with the previous DB, would need to be set up again if you want to give them access.

4. Will you have additional 'trusted domains' that will need to be added to our system? We set your account up with your company domain/s, only emails with those trusted domains can be added to subscriptions. Provide any changes to

5. See how your monthly pricing fee may change, click here

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