ID347 - CM Service Call at Zero $0 but no contract associated to call, Overview and Sample

Ever let a $0 bill go out the door because the bill code didn't reflect it was billable, even though your customer did not have a contract associated with this equipment record?

This alert was written for a client who wanted an alert if a service call was at $0 but no contract was associated regardless of the billing code used. This alert only selects CM (corrective maintenance) call types. It does not take into account any other call types (PM / Other / Courtesy / etc).

Bill Code can be found in the equipment record in EAutomate on the second tab, (Billing/Contact), as shown in the highlighted area below:Equipment_Bill_Code.png

Sample Out of ID347 includes Call#, Technician, Invoice #, Bill To Name, Model, Equipment#, Call Type, Bill Code, and Description:


This Alert has no Variables.

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