Getting around the Juice Website

You can access your subscriptions and available alerts via: Your login will be your email, we will have emailed your password and there is an option to reset, email with any login issues.

**We recommend Chrome for browser as it seems to perform best**

Please follow THIS LINK on how to search for and subscribe to alerts. Click Here for some recommended searches.

If you have been running CEO Juice for a few months or longer then click here for a best way to review.

Click Here for for changing active alert subscription settings.

Understanding User/Contact Security Settings & Keep Informed About preferences, Click Here

CEO Juice offers many ways to survey your customers, Click Here for Survey Management.

Login in via main page:

If you have forgotten your password, will automatically send you a reset your password email: (see THIS LINK for details on resetting)

Once logged in, use the menu in left margin to navigate (shown here is user with full Customer Admin security settings):

Subscriptions: takes you to all CEO Juice alerts and their detail. From here you can subscribe, edit/add subscribers, etc.

Help Articles: just one click away from accessing our supporting documentation and help articles on many of our alerts providing you more detail and variable information. Search by ID# in format ID109 (no space).

Surveys: access the survey dashboard (see below for more detail) and administer questions etc.

Survey Dashboard: access your Survey Dashboard. (Please note this does have a 15 minute time out, so if you have been idle on the site for 15+ minutes, you will need to refresh or login again in order to access) See THIS LINK for dashboard details.

Account: see your account info and change your address, phone, logo, etc.

Contacts: see who has a login in to this site, their permissions and edit/add contacts (see THIS LINK for security settings by user)




LogIn is not required to search our alerts. You can search our alerts by:

1. ID#

2. Tag (Categories inline with eAuto Modules i.e. AP, AR, Service) Pick as many TAGs as you want from the drop down list.

3. Wild Card searched on any word listed in ALL alert names and ALL alert purposes

4. Use the  button to determine which columns to add/remove on your screen (i.e. % subscribed, description)



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