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We occasionally get asked by a President or CEO if there is a list of reports they should be receiving. While we have listed a few below we have found that some leaders like to be involved in everything and get lots of information while others leave it to the team. 

A key piece we believe you should be involved in is making sure that your people know what to do with the information and stress that if we are not sending relevant information that drives actions then they need to email and have us tweak it. Reinforce that deleting emails you don't understand or forwarding them with a rule to a mailbox that never gets opened is unacceptable.

 We believe that customer feedback should be number one on your radar, plus understanding Net Promoter Score and the impact it can have on your business. We suggest reading the book that started NPS, The Ultimate question.

Survey and NPS alerts are;

ID109 Closed Call Survey

ID312 Equipment Install Survey

ID470 Net Promoter Score Brochure

ID557 Survey Results Summary

ID785 Compare NPS with your dealer group, CDA, Global etc.


Many call our new ID900 Financial Performance Benchmarking, The President's Report 

ID768 – Bottom Worst Contracts without an action plan is something the CEO could be on copy to ensure the list is getting worked

ID204 is a weekly snapshot of Tech Activity that gives a quick snapshot of how each tech stack ranks and ID235 shows how much profit each tech is generating.

ID72 will show a summary of dead inventory 

This a short list and while we have hundreds of others we would ask you to list your favorite reports, then when you review these reports note the conditions, the exceptions, that catch your eye, then ask that we notify you when those conditions occur. Better still if the 1st thing you do is forward that information to one of your team, then could we send a notice from you to that person when the exception occurs.

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