A good time to tackle eAutomate projects & housekeeping

In these uncertain times with the Coronavirus it can be challenging to stay focused. With many people working remotely from home and trying to stay busy in these unsettling quiet times, we wonder if now might be a good time for some eAutomate housekeeping, below are a few ideas. 
The CEO Juice team is fully operational and working remotely as we always have.  If you have other ideas/projects you would like assistance with, email us at Also can schedule online meetings to discuss other options/best practices in more detail.

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Alerts developed quickly for use during the COVID-19 times:

ID567 automating sales add-ons

ID568 eAutomate activity trends

ID569 meter trends rolling over last 8 weeks

ID570 note type activity to monitor for trends


Mass audit your contracts for any setup issues

  • Check the overage rate settings for any typos, see ID20
  • Review your contract equipment to ensure they are in a meter group billing, see ID293
  • Does the math work between base rate and covered copies, or did someone accidently change the overage billing cycle and forgot to update the base amount, see ID542



  • Review your techs activity for a longer period, i.e. last 12 months use ID204 on demand report.
  1. Which techs have too many reschedules, are they stocking the correct parts in their carstock? See ID393 and ID629 for help.
  2. Are vacation/sick days being recorded for techs via timecard entries, more here
  • Review your call types for accurate set up more here
  • Review holiday hours more here
  • Do technicians all have a burden rate set? more here 
  • Do you have active equipment records that are old and no longer used? See ID157 to help clean up
  • Time to tackle Model Categories? more here

Now good be a good time to stop all the useful parts from your trade ins, ID950 is this process and we also can notify techs when a rat they need is available from the 950 process, ID863.

Got a lot of ITT calls, our process ID890 can sync the calls and the meters. 


  • Are you retaining obsolete inventory? Do your min/max levels need to be adjusted, or possibly start the project to implement min/max levels? See ID500/ID543 for stock levels based on MIF clicks and stock. ID75 will help with dead/non moving inventory.
  • Technicians carstock, are they holding onto parts they don't need, use ID72/ID694
  • Item Yields for parts and supplies, are there items missing yields? Now can be a good time to google those item #s for a yield and update. Ask CEOJuice to get you a full list of all missing. ID571 can help with pushing in our yield data, if you have not used this process before.
  • Are there active item records that are old and no longer used? See ID337 to help clean up


Accounts Receivable:

  • Want to start using AR Tasks to track when customers are contacted for payment, and when they need to be chased again if they haven’t paid by a date, overview here. ID604 and ID605 will automatically open/close tasks. ID182, ID21 will help monitor the process.
  • Customer records missing an AR contact with an email? Use ID387
  • Is it time to look at automating past due statements to customers or emailing them past due invoices? See ID213 and ID800


General Admin:

  • Do you have active customer records that are old and no longer used? See ID156 to help clean up
  • Typos in a contacts email address field are easily missed, see ID305
  • Have your users been utilizing the pencil edit for location changes on EQ records, instead of creating a new location customer? Using the pencil edit break reports. See ID891 to identify these
  • Mis-matched GL codes for Revenue and COGS accounts, ID759 will identify which are incorrect.
  • Set up reporting to "the Model", about a day of setup but then run reports in seconds


  • Want to push in lease data into EA, see ID667
  • Do you have a process to ensure reps are on top of lease end deals, ID64/ID65
  • Want to know which of your customers are not using Managed IT or another Key Service (ID789), perhaps now is a good time to explain that you can help with that remote set up.
  • Selling Add On products are often not worth the reps time, but we can automate it, ID567.
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