ID919 Parts Not Meeting Yield/Konica (and HP) Version Overview & Sample:

This alert requires some front-loaded work to set the custom properties (and perhaps to re-arrange your Service Codes) to make it work. There are two Custom Properties (VariableY and Variable3) which must be set at the MAKE level for all Makes representing Konica machines, and one Custom Prop (VariableZ) which must be set at the ITEM level to identify parts covered on Models in the YPP program (more details on all that below). This alert fires only for Makes as specified in Variable1 of your subscription. The standard ID90 alert will ignore any Makes listed in the ID919 Variable1. 

This alert fires within 10 minutes of when the call is marked complete, not when invoiced.

(We have included HP as manufacturer as we understand from some of our clients that HP has similiar warranty program allowing this alert to be used for HP as well.)

The ID919 logic addresses the Konica program across three different dimensions, as below.

1) Yield Protection Program (YPP) - This program, which applies to only certain (mid-range) models, covers certain items that fail to meet their yield if you also purchased them within the last three years.

Functionality - A Custom Property at the ITEM level (of the name specified in VariableZ) identifies these parts as eligible to trigger for YPP. The assumption is that these parts can only be used on models which qualify for the YPP program. The alert calculates yield-since-installed for these parts and will advise you if that yield does not at least meet the value you set in VariableX (default value is 80%, which is entered as '0.8' in your subscription). The alert assumes you've bought one of these parts in the past three years and does not check the last purchase date.

2) 3-year warranty - certain parts, for instance boards and drives, are covered for 36 months from install-at-customer-site assuming the equipment itself was purchased from Konica less than 39 months ago. (Rumor has it they don't check the 39-month number most of the time, so you should not limit your warranty submissions based on that date.)

Functionality - The alert considers all parts under given ServiceCodes per Variable5 and calculates the days since that part was last replaced, or if never replaced the days since that equipment was received by you. It compares this number against the value you've entered into a Custom Property at the Make level (currently the program allows claims up to three years so you should enter '1,096'). If the part has been in place less days than this value the alert triggers. This Custom Property will be the custom property assigned in VariableY of your subscription. The alert does NOT consider the 39-month value although the receipt date of the equipment is posted in the alert output for your review.

Note: If you can't identify these parts by ServiceCode without ALSO identifying a lot of parts which don't qualify for the program this Custom Property can be created, set and maintained at the Item level. 

3) From-install warranty - Konica covers all parts in all their machines for 90 days from install-at-customer-site, assuming the equipment in question was purchased from Konica less than one year ago.

Functionality - The alert looks to the date you received the equipment and calculates how many days it has been since receipt. It then looks to the value in a Make level Custom Property as entered into Variable3 of your subscription (currently the Konica program covers for 90 days so you should enter '90'). The alert does not consider the 1-year-since-purchase value although, as above, the receipt date of the equipment is posted in the alert output for your review. Best-practice for Konica Eqp is First-In-First-Out so our experience is that this date is rarely a problem. 

The alert DOES NOT look to the InstallDate posted to the Eqp Record because we have found many clients either do not use this field or use it for other/multiple purposes (for instance they re-set the InstallDate every time the machine is moved to a new location or a new customer as it comes off-lease). The alert also DOES NOT look to the WarrantyDate posted to the Eqp Record for similar reasons, although we have ID443 and ID561 which do so. 

You will need to set up your Konica make(s) as shown in screen shot below:

For items under YPP program, this is how the custom properties will look:

Please note this alert is auto deploy, so you will need to set up your Custom Properties. See THIS POST for creating Custom Properties. We can set these up if needed, please email us at for support.

The two ZCJ custom properties were included because KM might alter their program from the current format to something more granular. At present KM's warranty program does not specify FromReplacement or FromInstall at Item level, the single setting at the Make level covers everything assuming your parts part properly organized. If not, see the Note above on item #2.

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