ID921 - Parts Not Meeting Yield/Canon Version Overview & Sample:

This Canon version of our ID90 parts warranty process takes into account all the peculiarities and features of Canon's ETag parts warranty program to help you ensure you get back 100% of the dollars it entitles you to. Getting dollars back for parts that don't meet warranty is the most obvious ROI for our services, we have many clients where we flag over $100k per month and our average is $35k.

This alert fires within 10 minutes of when the call is marked complete, not when invoiced.

This alert requires some front-loading work to set the custom properties to make it work. There are two Custom Properties, 

VariableY - ZCJCanonMinCost set on Make Record

VariableZ - ZCJCanonETag set on the Item Record.

**Please note the Custom Property ZCJCanonMinCost must be set up with Data Type of 'numeric' and Custom Property ZCJCanonETag must be set with Data Type of 'Yes/No:




This alert fires only for Makes as specified in Variable1 of your subscription. The standard ID90 alert will ignore any Makes listed in the ID921 Variable1 so you can have both alerts running without duplicates.

VariableW = Text or Email when To Tech selected on subscription (Text=send to Tech text address REGARDLESS of whether you're sending e-mails to techs. Email = Do not send text msg)

VariableX = % (Pct) within specified Yield (enter as decimal 80% = .8) Sets alert to fire when yield is at this % setting or lower.

VariableY = ZCJCanonMinCost, CustomProperty at the Make level identifying minimum $ value of parts to trigger on when not designated as YPP via Item-level Custom Property. Alert will auto fire on any item with average cost of $300+ with assigned Custom Property of ZCJCanonETag (VariableZ), so this variable/custom property (ZCJCanonMinCost) created so you can set alert to fire on items below $300 as you wish. (We only chose $300 based on Canon's current program, but you may want to attempt to warranty parts under $300.)

VariableZ = ZCJCanonETag, CustomPropertyAttribute on ItemRecord to designate items covered under the E-Tag program (Yes/No). Because Canon E-Tag program is for items $300+, this alert will only fire on item with average cost of $300 or more (see VariableY to set override cost for alert to fire on)

Variable1 = Name of Make(s) in your e-automate DB that represent Canon (separate by comma)

**Please note alerts will only fire if item falls below VariableX yield**



Months Since Install = this is the date this item was last installed, if that is not found, then is the install date on equipment record, if that is not found, then field will be blank


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