ID651 - Call Back Analysis Report Overview & Sample:

This Custom Report allows you to analyze your CallBacks by several different dimensions. The basic functionality is "show me all machines with W # of CallBacks in 'date range". You can report by customer, by model or by tech. Some call detail is provided. This is not an automated alert, but rather a report that can be run from eAutomate as desired.

 **Please note this report will consider Call Backs based on eAuto settings, please see this post for those details**


The filters let you consider callbacks by multiple definitions (instead of just using what you've set eAutomate to). Some folks might want to look at 3 calls in 30 days (the  standard eAuto setting) but to also see equipment with 4 calls in 40 days for comparison. So you'd set Days1 = 30 and Calls1 = 3 and then Day2=40 and Calls2=4.

Assuming the settings match above (3 calls in 30 days) but you change the 'Report' filter to look at 'Call Backs and Call Alerts only' then it will only show equipment where there have been a combination of at least 3 call backs or call alerts, not necessarily 3 calls as the setting above would show.  So it would trigger if there were 2 call backs and 1 call alert on one piece of equipment in the last 30 days, or 1 call back and 2 call alerts, or 3 call backs, etc.


Sample Custom Report grouped by tech:


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