ID258 - QBR - Customer Review (Worksheet1)

This worksheet is intended for your customer. Gives a quick snapshot of billing, machine availability, NPS Score, Key Services in place, Top Volume equipment:

Quick Link to Data Explanations:

BlendedAvg Response Time | Machine Availability | Clicks by Invoice Date | NPS |

Billing Accuracy | Key Services | Top 5 Machines | Total Incidents




(1) BlendedAvg Response Time

Based on completed call, this is the average blended response time for all on calls with call types matching the CallType Categories set on your Variable3 settings on your subscription. **Please note the response time on Service Details (Worksheet4) will likely be different. Service Details 'response hours' column is based on ALL Call Types, not just those specified on Variable3 of your subscription.


CM Calls determined by Call Type Code assigned in eAuto:


SLA Code - more on where/how these are set in eAuto HERE

(2) Machine Availability:

Shows % of time machines were not awaiting service. This is the total number of service hours in period multiplied by the number of machines reporting (based on equip install date and/or contract start date). For example, if running the report for 3 months equates to 480 hours (40 hours per week, no holidays) and there are 5 machines reporting, then total service hours is 2,400 hours (480*5).

Includes ALL Call Types and Rescheduled Calls as is just a value based on ResolutionHours.

(3) Clicks by Invoice Date:

These are clicks billed based on month invoiced broken down by BLK and CLR clicks. *Note these are not clicks based on all meter history, we are just considering clicks billed for on actual invoices generated. 

In order for our report to qualify clicks as BLK or Color, Meter Types MUST be defined per Meter Category in eAuto:


(4) Net Promoter Score:

Overall NPS score based on surveys submitted for period your filter settings cover. (The qty of surveys reflected and the NPS score is based only on survey answers to the NPS Question "How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?"). More surveys may show on SurveyResponses tab as your customer may not have answered the NPS question.

(5) Last month billing accuracy - requires subscription to ID142. Based on all your invoices to determine accuracy based on the total number of invoices divided by negative dollar invoices (credits/voids).

(6) Key Services in Place - per ID789, shows existing Key Services your customer is utilizing in your organization

(7) Key Services Available - key services not in use by this customer

(8) Top 5 Machines: 

Shows your Top 5 Machines for black and color clicks. Clicks are ONLY based on BILLED meter readings for reporting period. 

The 'AvgMonthlyBW'  and 'Color' is based on clicks billed (base & overage) for period divided by # of months in that period, per your report filter settings. **Please note, the average will NOT match your eAuto 3/6/12 mo average shown in Meter Reading Console.**

(9) Total Incidents - broken down by call type category code (CM=Corrective Maintenance, PM=Preventative Maintenance) 

* * *

Use these links for detailed explanation and formulas used for each of the worksheets provided:

Customer Review (Worksheet1) | Equipment Excessive Calls (Worksheet2) | Current Equipment Details (Worksheet3)

Detail Stats Chart (Worksheet4) | Detail Stats (Worksheet5) | Equip Details (Worksheet6)

Lease Details (Worksheet7) | Service Details (Worksheet8) | Survey Responses (Worksheet9)





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