ID418 - Incomplete Call per Incomplete Code in Variable W Overview & Sample:

It's important to know when a call has been rescheduled and the reason why.  If you are using the Inventory Logistics Console (ILC), for hold for parts calls, it keeps a full circle account on the order data trail from open to close. Other calls you might want to track will let you know if your techs are putting calls on hold because they aren't carrying the correct parts, not verifying office hours with customer (hold for time), or taking too long for lunch.

Click here to see best practices on incompleting a call.

Click here to see best practices on linking a call.

This alert will trigger every fifteen minutes on calls incompleted with the incomplete code you specify in Variable W. You can specify multiple incomplete codes with a comma in Variable W.

Output Sample: 



Click here for more best practices on rescheduling calls.








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