ID311 - HP SDS Action Center & MPS Monitor Integration (API):

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This process integrates with the HPSDS or MPSM API and is required for any other CEO Juice process which will leverage HPSDS or MPSM data. See Related Processes tab for integrations available or Related Alerts at bottom of this article.



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Variable8: Select which DCA Platform you are using with MPS Monitor (MPS Monitor OR HP SDS Action Center), use drop down to select:


Variable2: Filter the import to only a specific Dealer in MPSM/HPSDS. Enter the Dealer Code. (OPTIONAL)

Varaible3 OR Variable4: API Credentials

Once you enter your API credentials as instructed HERE, then you can come back to Variable3 or Variable4 (whichever applies to your subscription) to use drop down to point variable to those credentials 




If you would like to integrate BOTH MPS Monitor and HP SDS Action Center, please subscribe to ID311 twice using the plus (+) sign after your first subscription is completed populating Variable1 with the other DCA Platform and its own eAuto Meter Source:




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API Details

We need your API Details entered by you on our website as shown below. The user entering on our website will need 'Customer Admin' security role - ask us at if you need to know who has.

Please enter credentials on our website ( via Profile / Integrations:




Select MPS Monitor or HP SDS Action Center:


Enter API credentials here: (see below on where to set):




Credentials needed for MPS Monitor:

Credentials needed:

These values will need to be created from Developers Menu / API Key Management (requires elevated user rights)

These instructions are for MSPM and HPSDS:

**Do not reuse any existing Keys or Users used elsewhere


Creating an API key for CEO Juice

 Log into MPS Monitor or HP SDS Action Center Portal:

  1. Go to Developers
  2. Then API Key Management
  3. Next go to API keys Click +Create New


The first thing that needs to be done to Enable the MPS Monitor or HP SDS Action Center integration with eAutomate via CEO Juice is gather the Client ID and Client Secret from your MPS Monitor.



Once You Click ‘Save’ you will be presented with a temporary box that contains the Client Secret.

IMPORTANT: This is the only time the client Secret is displayed so you must record it and save it so it can be included in the information posted to the CEO Juice subscription advanced screens.


Creating a User for CEO Juice

  1. Log into Portal
  2. Got to API Users
  3. Next go to API Users Click +Create New




Activate the "Use dealer's hierarchy' if the account needs to access the dealer's hierarchy data as well (used for those with multiple dealer's).

Please email us at once credentials are entered on our website.


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