ID747 - Inserting/Updating eAuto customers in to CW Manage

This sync between eAutomate and ConnectWise updates customer information. The sync will update companies in ConnectWise from the information in eAutomate. You have the option to also insert new companies from eAutomate into ConnectWise.

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Especially for clients new to ConnectWise Manage, this is a good way to push your existing IT customers into CW Manage. There are several filter options to refine the customers to push over or you can insert all active customers. If pushing all active eAuto customers we suggest you first turn on process ID156 to make eAuto customers inactive so only active ones are left to insert.

We believe that eAutomate should be the master for customer information, so the sync will push updates from eAutomate customer records to the company records in ConnectWise.

The information that is updated is customer name, address, city, state, zip, phone, website, and fax number. If there are any of these fields that you do not want to be updated, we can modify the update process to not make updates on any of these fields.

No contacts are synced between the two systems.

To run any of the sync pieces, you must be subscribed to ID747 for the customer, technician, and sales rep mapping to work correctly. You do not need to have ID747 updating the company records in ConnectWise.


Run Schedule: Every 15 minutes

Type of Output: Sync


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Updates from eAutomate are pushed to ConnectWise. Updated fields are Name, Address, City, Status, Zip, Phone, Website:


On-hold code will also sync to CW:


On ConnectWise Company:



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1. Subscribe to ID747, being sure to update the variables as needed. If you don't have a login to our subscription site, you can email to have us set you up with a login. 

These next three steps may need an IT person with admin access to ConnectWise and eAutomate

2. Create API keys for CEO Juice in ConnectWise and enter them on the CEO Juice website (See this link for instructions on how to do that)  

3. We do require that the initial sync goes from your production ConnectWise database to a Test/Development EA database, so you will need to have a test eAutomate database set up for this process. If you have a test ConnectWise database, we can initially sync from that, but it is not required.   (This sync process only pushes information from ConnectWise to eAutomate while in test) **It's important that this test eAutomate database is not refreshed with new data during the testing process!!

**When creating a test eAutomate database be sure that you set up the company in eAdmin and don't just set the database up in SSMS. If you have questions on how to create a company in eAdmin, the ECI help page (16.1 | 17.2 | 20.1) has details under E-admin > Company Management > Creating and Restoring a Company:


 4. We also require a test copy of our CEO Juice database to be created for the testing phase. See this link for details on how to do that.  

Once these setup steps are complete, let us know at and we'll get the customer sync installed for testing.




Variable 1: Company Type - If inserting companies into ConnectWise, enter the company type to be used.

Variable W: Territory Filter - **This variable affects all ConnectWise to eAutomate sync pieces (ID964, ID965, ID966). If you set a territory filter here, ONLY that territory will be used for all aspects of the ConnectWise sync.

Variable 8: Customer Sync Type - Choose from the drop-down the type of sync you want to have in place:

Update Customers only - Only push customer updates from eAutomate to ConnectWise.

Update Customers and Locations - Push updates for both customers (Parent in eAutomate) and locations (Child in eAutomate, site in ConnectWise). 

Insert/Update Customers only - Customers from eAutomate will be inserted into ConnectWise as companies. Only parent accounts will be inserted and updated.

Insert/Update Customers and ALL Locations - Both Parent and Child customers from eAutomate will be inserted/updated to ConnectWise. Locations will be inserted/updated regardless of whether they meet any filtered criteria for customer type or contract type. Locations in ConnectWise are Sites.

Insert/Update Customers and filtered Locations - Both Parent and Child customers from eAutomate will be inserted/updated to ConnectWise. Only locations that meet any filtered criteria will be inserted/updated in ConnectWise. Locations in ConnectWise are Sites.


Variable 9: Customer Type - If inserting customers from eAutomate into ConnectWise, enter the customer types from eAutomate to sync over. Separate multiple values with commas. 

Variable 10: Contract Type - If inserting customers from eAutomate into ConnectWise, use this filter option to only sync customers that have an active contract of a set type.

Variable 11: Branch Filter - If inserting customers from eAutomate into ConnectWise, use this filter option to only sync customers with this branch.


Variable 6: On Hold Code Field - Enter the field in ConnectWise where you want to store the on hold code from eAutomate. 



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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

Customer information only flows from eAutomate to ConnectWise; no updates or changes that you make to a company record in ConnectWise will push back to eAutomate. If you do change any of the information that is updated by the sync, that change will stay in ConnectWise until the customer record is updated in eAutomate. At that point, the sync will "see" the customer record and update ConnectWise to match back to eAutomate.

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Customer Mapping

Customer Mapping

Companies from ConnectWise are linked to customer records in eAutomate via a custom property. (See instructions on the custom properties here.) Companies can also be linked via the eAutomate customer number in either the Company ID or Account ID field on the company record in ConnectWise, though we are phasing out support for these methods of customer linking. The service and sales order syncs only support customer linking through the use of the custom property in eAutomate.

The sync follows this logic in determining matching customers between the two systems:

1. Is the Company RecID from ConnectWise entered into the custom property ZCJ_CW_CompanyID?


If a match is found, these customers are linked, if no match is found, the sync moves to the next step.


2. Does the eAutomate customer number have a match in the Company ID field in ConnectWise?


If a match is found, these customers are linked and the sync will add the Company RecID from ConnectWise to the custom property in eAutomate. If no match is found, the sync moves to the next step.


3. Does the eAutomate customer number have a match in the Account Number field in ConnectWise?


If a match is found then these customers are linked and the sync will update the custom property in eAutomate with the Company RecID from ConnectWise. If the sync is set to insert customers and there is no match found at these three levels, then the sync will insert the customer into ConnectWise. The sync will then write back the new Company RecID to the custom property in eAutomate for the customer.

If the sync is set to only update, and no match is found, then the customer from eAutomate will not be linked to a company in ConnectWise. No information from eAutomate will be pushed to ConnectWise for this customer. You can determine if the customer in eAutomate is linked to a company in ConnectWise by checking to see if the custom property value is populated on the customer record in eAutomate.


**The sync links these customers in our background tables at the initial sync, subsequent syncs will first look for a customer match in these background tables. Should you need to remap a customer, you will need to ask us to correct the background tables. Changes made to the custom property in eAutomate or the Company ID/AccountID in ConnectWise will not have any effect on the customer mapping.


Initial Sync

Initial Sync of Customers to ConnectWise

At the initial run of the sync, customer records updated in the last 10 years will be "seen" by the sync and updated/inserted in ConnectWise. After the first run, only records updated since the last sync will be updated/inserted (approximately every 15 minutes). Opening the customer record and then clicking on the OK button will cause the last update date to be updated in eAutomate, even if you did not make any changes to the record.


If you need to have the sync go back farther than 10 years on the initial run, please let us know so that we can manually set the date to what is needed to capture all records in your eAutomate.



Company ID in ConnectWise

If you have the sync set to insert companies into ConnectWise, those companies will be created with a Company ID that follows this format: EA EACustomerNumber EACustomerID. In the below example, the customer number from eAutomate is UC01 and the eAutomate customer ID is 26713.


Please be aware that the Company ID field in ConnectWise can only have letters and numbers, no special characters are allowed. If you have main customer numbers in eAutomate that have a dash (-) or ampersand (&) those customers will not insert into ConnectWise unless you change the customer number in eAutomate.

The company ID field in ConnectWise also has a character limit of 25 characters, if you have long customers in eAutomate, this can also cause the sync to not insert some customers into ConnectWise. 

The Company ID field is only touched upon insert of new companies into ConnectWise. If you change the customer number in eAutomate, the sync will not update this field with the updated eAutomate customer number. Changing the customer number will not break the link between the two customers within the sync.


CW Sites

ConnectWise Sites

Sites in ConnectWise map to location (child) customers in eAutomate. In order for the sync to update existing sites in ConnectWise, those sites will need to be manually linked to the locations in eAutomate prior to the first sync in production. This is done via the custom property ZCJ_CW_SiteAddressRecID; you'll need to enter the Address RecID for each site into the custom property of the matching location in eAutomate.

If you have the sync set to insert sites and do not have existing sites mapped to the matching location in eAutomate the sync will create duplicate sites.

We are able to do a bulk update of the custom property values in eAutomate for the sites, you'll need to send us a spreadsheet with the Address RecID from ConnectWise and the eAutomate customer number.


I*  *  *


Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

The company name field in ConnectWise will only hold 50 characters, if our process is inserting companies into ConnectWise, we will truncate the customer name after the first 50 characters from the customer name in eAutomate.

The company ID field in ConnectWise only holds 25 characters, so if you have long customer numbers in eAutomate this may cause those customers to not insert into ConnectWise. Shortening the customer number in eAutomate will allow the sync to insert the customer into ConnectWise.

If you have customers that don't insert from eAutomate to ConnectWise, check the following things:

  • Does the customer have a - or & in the eAutomate customer number? This will cause the customer to not insert, remove any special characters from the customer number, and then the customer should insert.
  • Does the customer record in eAutomate have an address listed? If it does not, add that information and the customer should insert.
  • If the above options don't resolve the issue, try reformatting the information on the record in eAutomate. The API can be picky about the information it inserts into ConnectWise and sometimes will not insert a customer due to formatting issues.

If the customer still has not inserted, the best option is to manually create the customer in ConnectWise and then link that company back to the eAutomate customer record by adding the Company RecID to the custom property. 

Custom Property Set Up

Custom Property Set Up

All three of these custom properties must be set in eAutomate exactly as noted below for the mapping to work properly. **If you currently have the eAutomate customer number stored in a ConnectWise field, we can update the Parent custom properties for you**

There are two custom properties that need to be set up in eAutomate for the customer mapping, one for the main company number (Parent Account) and one for the sites (Child Accounts). Both of these attributes need to be added to the Customer configuration.

Company Number

Attribute name: ZCJ_CW_CompanyID

Description: ConnectWise Sync Company ID

Data type: Numeric


The value to be entered in this field is the Company_RecID number from ConnectWise:


**If you do not see the Company_RecID column in your company list view in ConnectWise, you can add this field by clicking on the gear icon to customize the list view, then find Company_RecID in the hidden columns section and use the arrows in the middle to move the column over to the visible columns list.

To update existing ConnectWise companies, you'll need to enter the ConnectWise ID number, if the ID provided is invalid, the sync will not be able to update the record. 

Site Number

Attribute name: ZCJ_CW_SiteAddressRecID

Description: ConnectWise Sync Site's Address RecID

Data type: Numeric


The value to be entered is the Address RecID from the Site:


To update existing ConnectWise sites, you'll need to enter the ConnectWise ID number, if the ID provided is invalid, the sync will not be able to update the record. **If you have the sync set to insert locations you must map existing locations in eAutomate to the existing sites in ConnectWise prior to the running of the sync, otherwise the sync will create duplicate sites in ConnectWise.


There is one custom property that can be used to override the filters used to determine customers to sync and insert/update the customer in ConnectWise regardless of the filters set. **This custom property is ONLY used when there is a filter in place to limit the customers by customer type, contract type or branch.

Custom Property to Sync to ConnectWise

Attribute name: ZCJ_SyncToCW

Description: Sync Customer to CW

Data type: Yes/No


If ZCJ_SyncToCW = "yes", that Customer will sync, even if it doesn't pass the other filters.
If ZCJ_SyncToCW = "no", that Customer will not sync, even if it does pass the other filters.

Custom Field for On Hold Code:

There is one custom field to create in ConnectWise, to store the on hold code from eAutomate

To create the custom field in ConnectWise, go to Setup Tables > Custom Fields > Company Overview


Click on the plus sign next to Custom Fields to create a new field. The field caption is ZCJ_OnHoldCode:


This field will hold the On Hold code from eAutomate, it is an informational field only.


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Related Alerts

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ID966 - ConnectWise Sales Order Sync


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