ID669 MAIN - Online Payments Overview & Sample:

This process is an online payment portal that your customers can use to view, download and pay their invoices. 

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This process is an online payment portal that your customers can access to pay their open invoices to you by either credit card or ACH with a cost to you that is less than a stamp. Your customers can also see an open invoice list as well as download copies of their invoices in this portal. This payment portal is an important part of the full AR Automation that we offer. There are other CEO Juice processes that will integrate with this portal that allow your customer to receive payment notifications, past due and newly generated invoice email notices with a link to pay the invoice directly, and more. 

CEO Juice has partnered with as the payment gateway to implement this platform, and CEO Juice clients will need to onboard with NMI. 

CEO Juice has implemented this payment portal for all our clients to pay our monthly invoices online. Go to and search for your open invoices or email and we will email you a link to an open invoice.


Run Schedule:  N/A

Type of Output: Various: URL browser and email

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The implementation process of ID669 is one that requires for your company and CEO Juice to work together to ensure that you are set up to receive payments, and that the portal is reflecting accurate customer information. Below we offer three ways to understand the implementation process and recommend that you review each. Note that the order of the steps can vary depending on client circumstances.


Written Steps

1) You subscribe for ID669 (payment portal), ID317 (payment notifications) and optional ID437 (Send invoices from e-automate with a link to the payment portal)

2) CEO juice sends your contact information to EVO (Credit Card processor) to apply

3) EVO works with you on the application process

4) Once approved at EVO, EVO works with Paya (ACH processor) for their approval 

        Links to Information on the Application Process:
        ID669 - Credit Card Application - Evo – CEO Juice
        ID669 - ACH approval (NMI/Paya) – CEO Juice

5) CEO Juice is notified by the processors when the applications are accepted and at that time we let you know that we are good to move forward with install of your payment portal

6) CEO Juice adds internal request to ID437 install to include payment portal link (if you chose to use ID437)
7) CEO Juice creates your account in NMI (payment gateway) which requires a meeting with you and us

         *Note that as soon as your NMI account is created your billing will begin. Your first invoice from NMI will include a set-up fee as well as your normal monthly fee prorated from your NMI account creation date to the end of the current month. The payment for your NMI Invoice will auto-debit from your account typically between the 2nd and 5th of the month.

8) You send CEO Juice your transparent logo and AR email address
9) CEO Juice lets you know when payment portal (ID669) and payment notifications (ID317) have been installed

10) ID437 will be in test mode and sending you daily summary of emails that would have gone out as well as copies of the emails that would have gone out so you can see the way that they look.
11) You register/create login at for the payments site and CEO Juice and let us know when complete and from there we will make you an admin user
            Link on how to use the portal: How to Pay our Invoices on the Juice Payments Portal - Register, Make a Payment,, Set up AutoPay – CEO Juice

12) Wait 24 hours for the invoices to sync from e-automate to the portal after the admin user is created
13) You will need to review the invoices on the portal making sure everything synced properly, including reviewing customized invoices to ensure they are downloading correctly from the site
10) You will create $1 misc. invoices under a test account, watch those sync to the portal and pay them on the portal
11) You will receive payment confirmation email for making these payments (via ID317) and confirm the emails look how you want them to (they can be customized, so let us know)
12) You'll review the misc. invoices in e-automate to ensure they show paid in the system (occurs in real time)
13) You'll receive the settlement report when the funds have settled (72 hours to settle) and at that time you should have received them in your bank account
14) You'll create a cashbook deposit once the funds are in your account

15) You'll review internal processes to roll this out and determine how you will notify your customers of the new payment portal

16) You'll create users in the payment portal for your company and give them admin rights
15) You’ll select 4-6 customers to work with on using the portal as an additional testing phase
16) Once you’ve tested with your customers and you’re ready to go fully live let us know and we’ll work with you to turn ID317 and ID669 live 
17) You’ll let us know when you’re ready to go live with ID437 after you’ve reviewed the samples and the link and we'll work with you to turn off the e-agent task that sends your invoices out currently and turn ID437 live



The first webinar below is an overview of the entire implementation process. The 2nd webinar shows more details on the testing phase of the implementation process.

Testing phase


Testing ID669.png


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Interact with a live 'test' invoice here

Sample of payment screen your customers would interact with when sent a link to a specific invoice


Sample of login page


Sample of the Landing Page you see when you login. Note this can be customized with your company's logo and colors.


Sample of being able to search for an invoice without a portal login (must have invoice #, due date and postal code)


Sample of storing payment info and scheduling autopay


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669 32.png

Variable 1: Enter the branch number that you want this sync to include. Separate list of multiple with comma or leave blank for all.

Variable 2: Enter the country codes that you want this sync to include. Separate list of multiple with comma or leave blank for all.

Variable 4: Enter the GL account number that you want the credit card fees collected to distribute to. Leave lank if you are not charging fees. Or, if you are charging fees and you leave blank w will use the term discount GL account in your e-automate.

Variable 5: Enter the GL account number that you want the ACH fees collected to distribute to. Leave lank if you are not charging fees. Or, if you are charging fees and you leave blank, we will use the term discount GL account in your e-automate.

Variable 7: Enter the GL department number that you want the credit card and ACH fees collected to distribute to. If left blank it will not allocate to a specific department.

Variable 12: Select Yes or No to answer if your e-automate uses multiple branches or not.

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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

Payment Gateway and Processors

Payment Gateway and Processors

We have partnered with for the payment gateway for this process, CEO Juice clients will need to onboard with NMI. Click here for credit application information. Click here for details on how the onboarding process works.

Things to know:

  • Payment Gateway versus Payment Processor:
      • A payment gateway is a network that collects, verifies and performs fraud checks on customer's credit card information before sending it to the payment processor. The transaction begins and ends in the payment gateway.
      • A payment processor is a service that routes a customer's credit card information between the customer's bank and the merchant bank.
  • By default, below are the payment processors that will be used through the NMI gateway. If there is an alternate payment processor that you'd like to use they must be an NMI approved processor.
      • Nuvei (formerly Paya) - ACH/Check processor
      • EVO - Credit card processor
  • Rates and Fees 
      • Rates from NMI (subject to change)
        • $5.00 monthly fee for vault (vault enabled allows any stored payment information such as auto-pay)
        • $8 monthly per payment processor
        • $0.25 per transaction for ACH (same cost to refund ACH payments)
        • $0.12 per transaction for credit cards (same cost to refund credit card payments)
        • $0.05 per vault setup or updated by user
      • Rates from EVO (credit card processor) can vary and you'll be quoted at the time of application
  • It could be costing you approx. $0.80 to "snail mail" one invoice currently, see details!

Customization Available

Customization Available

  • The payment portal is customizable to reflect your company including your logo and brand colors.
  • You can set a specific percentage for the fee to charge to your customers per transaction, as well as decide which customers to omit from fees all-together. This is managed in the custom properties in the bill to customer record, more on that here

How the Sync Works Between e-Automate and Payment Portal

How the Sync Works Between e-Automate and Payment Portal


  • Every 10 minutes this process is scanning your e-automate database for invoices and will sync the information to the portal.
  • The sync can take longer than 10 minutes if there is a large number of invoices to sync. for example, you do all of your contract billing on the 1st of the month and it's syncing them all that day.
  • $0.00 invoices are also synced to the portal but your customers cannot see them. They will fall off of the portal after about 30 days.
  • A PDF copy of the invoice can be downloaded in the portal and this sync can take up to 24 hours. Note that downloadable invoice copies are not available for ECI Hosted clients at this time.
  • If an invoice that previously synced to the portal has now been voided or paid separately in e-automate, the sync will remove the invoice from the portal.
  • In order for the invoices to sync to the portal, the bill to customer record for the invoice must be active

669 33.png


  • Every 10 minutes this process is scanning payments made in the payment portal and will push them into your e-automate database

  • Payments previously synced to e-automate from this process that are later voided in e-automate will cause the invoice the payment was applied on to re-sync to the portal if the invoice remains open and unpaid
  • Payments pushed into your database from this process all come in as a payment method of credit card, even when the payment was made as an ACH in the portal. However, in the Description of the customer payment in e-automate it will say if it's actually an ACH as seen in the first screen shot below. Further, when the payment is pushed in by this process, e-automate will show that it was entered by the user "cjid669".

669 34.png

669 36.png


  • The payment will show up in your e-automate cashbook immediately once the payment is pushed into e-automate and will remain there until the payment has settled with NMI (payment gateway). All payments from the portal come in as a method of credit card, even if they are ACH. You'll know it came from the portal because the entered by user id will be "cjid669".

669 35.png

  • Within 3 business days of the payment being made you will receive a settlement email from NMI and you will then create the deposit in the e-automate cashbook. Note that although this email does send from NMI directly, it will show a "from" address of "" and will look like the below. 669 52.png
  • When this email is received it will not show a settlement total. In order to find the total, log into the CEO Juice payments portal and search for the settle batch number from the settlement email within the payments area of the portal as show below

669 55.png

669 54.png

  • Using the settlement detail along with the payment portal, select the transactions within your e-automate cashbook that match the settlement and create the deposit for those together so that it matches the settlement total received in your bank account. 

Customer Portal Access

Customer Portal Access

There are two ways in which your customers can view and pay invoices in the portal, and it is dependent on if they have a login to the portal or not. 

  • Customer can see full list of open invoices, pay any open invoice and manage auto-pay:
    • They've created a login by going to your payment portal website and creating an account and completing the required account confirmation emailed to them.
    • These users must be listed as the AR contact on the bill to customer record in e-automate. The contact record must be active and the email address in the contact record must match the email they created their login to the portal exactly. Email addresses in the main email address and other emails fields will all be able to create logins and access.
    • Note that if you change the AR contact on the bill to customer record that the previous contact will no longer be able to access and the new contact will.669 39.png669 40.png
  • Customers can only see and pay 1 invoice at a time:
    • These users will not have a login to the portal and will instead access each invoice individually by either of the methods described below
      • They received a link to pay an invoice in the email via ID437
      • They received a link you sent them that you copied from the payment portal when viewing that customer's invoices and either clicking on the copy button next to the invoice number or by copying the invoice number (Both will give you the link. The method of copying the invoice number will produce a cleaner looking link).669 38.png
      • They go to and enter the invoice number, invoice date or due date and the postal code (must have all three)669 37.png


Previous Payments and Auto-Pays

Previous Payments and Auto-Pays

Previous Payments:

  • Your customers:
    • Once your customers pay an invoice, the invoice and associated payment are removed from their view immediately. They do not have access to view payment history. However, they do receive payment confirmation for each payment made via ID317.
  • You:
    • You can see payment history for up to 30 days after the payment was made. After that it is removed.


  • Your Customers:
    • Your customers can set up auto-pay to either pay on a specific day of the month or on the due dates of their invoices.
      • Due Date Auto-Pays
        • Runs for invoices due today or prior that qualify.
        • Never pays invoices with due date in the future
      • Specific Day of the Month Auto-Pays
        • Runs for invoices due today that qualify. If the selected date is greater than the number of days in the month (31st, or leap year) then it will run on the last day of the month.
        • Never pays invoices with due date in the future
    • If your customer selects auto-pay to run on a specific day of the month, the first auto-payment will pay ALL open invoices, including those due prior to the auto-pay being created (this is after revision 20240416 coming soon) 
    • If your customer has auto-pay set up and the payment fails on the day it is scheduled to pull, the payment will be re-run the next 4 days in an attempt to collect the funds. If on the 5th attempt the payment fails again, the auto-pay will be removed from the account. Note that your customer will be receiving notification emails of each failed payment via ID317. (this is after revision 20240416 coming soon) 
    • Auto-pay is linked to the user account that set it up. If the AR contact on the bill to customer record in e-automate changes for this customer, the invoices will no longer be synced to the prior contact and therefore the auto-pay will no longer work. The customer will need to set up auto-pay again under the new contact's login.
    • Customers cannot store payment information in the portal without it being tied to an auto pay.
  • You:
    • You can view all auto-pays set up for your customers by clicking on the auto-pays button from the settings dropdown in the portal (must have admin access)669 41.png


What is Required for an Invoice to be considered Qualified for Auto-Pay:

  • They must be linked to the email address that's linked to the auto-pay (via AR contact in the customer record in e-automate)
  • They must be an approved invoice type per the auto-pay selections
  • The invoice amount must be equal to or less than the maximum payment per invoice amount set in the auto-pay selection
    • Note that auto-pay will pay 1 invoice at a time and will not batch pay. This allows for the maximum invoice amount set in the auto-pay selections to apply on a per invoice basis.


Removing Credit Card and/or ACH Fees for Your Customers

Removing Credit Card and/or ACH Fees for Your Customers

You can remove credit card and/or ACH fees entirely for customers by using custom properties in the Customproperties tab of the bill to customer record in e-automate. You will use ZCJ_PaymentsNoFeeCreditCard to manage credit cards and ZCJ_PaymentsNoFeeCheck to manage ACH.

669 45.png

Note that the custom properties will only remove the fees on invoices that generated and synced to the payment portal after the custom property was set up for that bill to customer record. Any invoices generated/synced prior to the custom property being set up you'll need to manually remove the fee in the payment portal. See below for how.

Log into the payment portal and from the dropdown on the top right, select Invoices.

669 42.png

Use the filters to search for the customer that should not receive fees.

669 43.png


Once the customer's invoices are listed, click on the dropdown next to the invoice number and select to remove CC and ACH fees from the invoice.

669 44.png


Custom Property Set Up

Custom Property Set Up

Follow the steps below to set up the custom properties to be available on your customer records. The below goes over how to create the ZCJ_PaymentsNoFeeCreditCard custom property but you will follow the steps for both.

1) In e-Automate click tools from the top tool bar and then select list & codes

669 47.png

2) from the list or code type dropdown options select attributes and select New button on the upper-left side

669 48.png

3) create the new attribute by completing the fields below and clicking OK

attribute name = ZCJ_PaymentsNoFeeCreditCard

description = ID669 No CC Fee

data type = Text Box

669 49.png

4) from the list or code type dropdown options select configurations (custom properties) and from the configurations list double click on the customer configuration

669 50.png

5) from the available attributes dropdown select the attribute you created, uncheck the default value box and click quickadd to add it to the selected attributes list. Then click OK to save the configuration. 

669 51.png

6) you will now see this custom property in your customer custom properties and you can enter your review dates into this field

669 45.png

*  *  *

Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

You will receive charges from NMI (payment gateway) and EVO (credit card payment processor). Note that the NMI charges will include the Nuvei (ACH payment processor) charges. If you are ever needing further clarification on your charges, please see here on how to view NMI billing statements. If the charge is not an NMI charge, it is likely EVO and you can reach out to them at the contact information below. 


Contact Information for the Payment Gateway and Processors:

NMI Merchant Login and Support

EVO Merchant Login and Support (You can register for a merchant login using this link as well as login once you're already registered, if you need assistance reach out to


Nuvei (formerly Paya) Support
+1 888-481-0757 | F +1 855-676-2825 | L USA


Click here for our documentation on Navigating the NMI Gateway Portal - this provides instructions on using the portal to complete tasks such as viewing your billing statements, finding customer transactions, processing virtual payments, issuing refunds, handling transaction failures, and more.

Click here for information on determining if your state can recover credit card fees. This is your responsibility to understand the laws surrounding collecting credit card fees in your state. CEO Juice is not involved in the validation process; we just provide the payment portal through which you can collect the fees should you chose to. 

Click here for how your customers user would navigate the payment portal. The documentation includes information such as how to register for an account, view and pay an invoice, schedule autopay, store payment info and more. This documentation can be rebranded by your company and given to your customers as a portal guide. 




*  *  *

Related Alerts

Related Alerts

ID213 - Email Customers Past Due Mini Statements (coming soon... a link to the payment portal can be included in the body of the email ID213 sends for your customers to click and pay)

ID305 - Validate Email Address Field on all Contact Records (this will ensure that a contact at every customer can have access to view and pay all invoices as well as set up auto-pay)

ID437 - Email Invoices from Document Queue (available now... a link to the payment portal can be included in the body of the email ID213 sends for your customers to click and pay)

ID317 - Payment Notifications (this process sends your customers notifications when they do things in the portal such as set up auto-pay, make a payment, have a failed payment, and more)

ID767 - Missing AR Contact or Email (this will ensure that the contacts in place in your system are accurate; allowing your customers to view and pay all invoices as well as set up auto-pay)

ID800 - Email Past Due Invoices to Your Customers (coming soon... a link to the payment portal can be included in the body of the email ID800 sends for your customers to click and pay)


*  *  * 



View the webinar below to understand an overview of the ID669 payment process that we offer.

Webinar Recorded October 5, 2023

Automated AR

Automated AR

View the Viseo below to understand the flow of AR Automation between various processes that we offer.


AR Process.png




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