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ECi has an agreement with us where all companies converting to eAutomate get the option to try our services out for 60 days at no cost and with no obligation (must install Juice within 30 days of going live). This program is focused on getting users into good habits of entering data in to eAutomate correctly from the start. 
The conversion process is a major event and people are typically swamped and have so much on their plate that it is easy for these data entry problems to happen, bad habits are formed and correcting everything becomes a big issue. ECi and CEO Juice are teaming together to provide a package of CEO Juice alerts designed to catch and correct these issues as they occur. This package is available at no charge for 60 days while clients go live. At the end of 60 days the hope is that good habits have formed. The Juice team will then do an online review and suggest areas for improvement, review best practice approaches to these areas and make recommendations. At that point the customer can review CEO Juice’s complete offering and see if it makes sense or not.
Companies also tend to question the  best practice set up of eAutomate after a week or two of normal use, Juice not only has a team of industry veterans but our focus is on sharing best practices. See here for a 30 minute overview on our most popular processes.

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Below is a list of alerts we suggest as a starting point for clients new to eAutomate. Many of our alerts require historical data in place and will not be much use for many months.

Many of these alerts are designed to catch transaction data entry issues as people learning may forget to follow some key steps. A few examples are; every time toner is shipped to a customer on a toner inclusive contract the sales order has to be linked to the correct contract. Otherwise the cost of that toner order will not show as a cost on the contract (ID23). We often see technicians do things like entering an odometer reading instead of miles, so now instead of 35 miles we have 87,523 that show as a cost on that contract. Technicians dispatch themselves to a call the night before thinking it will be good that dispatch knows where they are at the next day, however all of these "overnight" hours show as a cost on the contract (ID219). Someone "fat fingers" an overage rate for color, instead of $0.07 it's $0.007 (ID20), someone un-checks the Bill checkbox on an active contract (ID114). A call comes in as chargeable, someone decides there should be no charge (ID66), etc. 

We suggest these be turned on the day you go live ant that we have an online meeting one month later to review results and check for process improvements / best practice suggestions. 

ID2 - Technician still showing at end of day call 

ID17 - Technician On-Site too long

ID20 - Overage rate check

ID23 - Supplies Shipped (No Charge No Contract)

ID204 - Tech Productivity Report

ID37 - End of day snapshot of dispatch (new calls, calls closed, WP etc)

ID66 - Call with billable code at no charge

ID87 - Call was created not linked to Contact

ID101 - Excessive service Calls or CallBacks

*ID109 - Survey for closed service calls

ID112 - Misc Debit/Credit Memos for A/R & A/P exceeding $variable W (+/-)

ID114 - Active Contract with valid dates has had the Bill Contract checkbox turned off

ID181 - To notify customers when a service call is Opened/Dispatched/Closed/Canceled/Invoiced

ID203 - Contracts not billing

ID215 - Multiple supply shipments in 10 days

ID219 - Closed call data entry issues

ID221 - eAutomate Users not set up correctly

ID257 - Contracts not terminated correctly

ID293 - Contract Equipment not in any Meter Group on the contract

ID305 - Validate the email address field on all contacts

ID571 - Yield data to push into your item records

ID888 - Ensure services calls have the contract associated

ID891 - Pencil edits on equipment records


*We have found that getting your customer feedback is a key piece in determining which of your processes are not effectively so we strongly encourage you to turn on ID109.

See here for a list of our top ten return on investment alerts.

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