SSRS Alerts

We are moving from Crystal Reports to SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) for a variety of reasons: Click here if you do not have Active Directory.

-They are launched from a browser and not eAutomate, so you don't need an eAuto license
-We can provide links on alerts that take you straight to the SSRS full report
-We can update them automatically versus having to manually log in to your system. (with Crystal Report we only update if requested or broken otherwise we would need a team of people to just do updates)
-We can provide links from CRMs, such as a link from within Compass to an Account Review.
-SSRS reports export really well to Excel maintaining drill downs, formatting etc.
-They are more like a "DashBoard"


To access your installed SSRS Reports, please CLICK HERE for instructions.

If you are having trouble loading SSRS reports, please CLICK HERE for troubleshooting. 

For an explanation on Security Settings for accessing SSRS Reports, CLICK HERE.


Here is a list of our SSRS Alerts:

ID46: Inventory Warehouse Activity, click HERE FOR DETAILS

ID72: Technician Inventory Report, Stale Highlighted, click HERE FOR DETAILS

ID90: Warranty Parts Yield Trend, click HERE FOR DETAILS

ID150: Contract Profitability Report, click HERE FOR DETAILS

ID204: Tech Activity Report, click HERE FOR DETAILS (subscription to ID205, ID206, ID207 REQUIRED)

ID205: Tech Time Log Report, click HERE FOR DETAILS

ID206: Tech Call Back Detail Report, click HERE FOR DETAILS

ID207: Pages Services & Parts Variance Details, click HERE FOR DETAILS

ID258: Customer Quarterly Business Review, click HERE FOR DETAILS

ID500: Obsolete Inventory, click HERE FOR DETAILS

ID557: Summary of Monthly Survey Results for Previous Month, click HERE FOR DETAILS

ID587: Contracts Lost & Won, click HERE FOR DETAILS

ID674: Customer Service History HERE FOR DETAILS

ID683: MIF Sales Opportunity Value, click HERE FOR DETAILS

ID806: Inventory Turns, click HERE FOR DETAILS

ID900: Financial Model Reporting click HERE FOR DETAILS

ID909: Model Income Statement Rolling Months (see ID900 link for details)

ID910: Model Account Allocation Report (see ID900 link for details)

ID917: Big Screen Service Stats, click HERE FOR DETAILS

ID923: Contract MIF Analysis, click HERE FOR DETAILS

ID932: ITT Ship Out Agreement for Servicing Dealer, click HERE FOR DETAILS





** You can also search our website for our SSRS Reports via Subscriptions and then filter by Output Type of SSRS Report. The Output Status will show if report is active (available for install) or still in development, build or beta status.


General Info on SSRS and your server:

SRS 2008 and up no longer uses IIS. SSRS runs it's own web server, so no need to even have IIS configured on the server. Most importantly, it does not interfere with IIS.



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